Many times LARaterman Associates is brought in on a temporary basis after staff has left an organization or goes out on medical leave and before a new person can be hired or the person returns. As we know fundraising must continue even if staff is not available to do it.

Emergency Staffing

EVENTS:  LARaterman Associates has been brought in with just weeks or even months to go before an event to manage the logistics and see a successful conclusion of the event.

GRANT WRITING:  Whether it’s an LOI/Application or Follow-up Report after a contribution, deadlines must be met. LARaterman Associates team of experts can assist in the management of your Grant Writing Campaigns, even with a short notice.

Interim Leadership

LARaterman Associates is interested in helping you secure the long-term success of your organization. When a vacancy in leadership occurs and there is an immediate need for support we can provide you quality management while you take the time needed to recruit a permanent leader.