Development in a Day


LARaterman Associates often works with clients who have Board Members who are new to their positions. While recruited for talents needed to run a board many times they have no experience with fundraising and need a basic understanding of not only what fundraising is but what their role in fundraising is.

Prospect Research Training


How to use prospect research to further your fundraising. Learn how to ask for money from the people most likely to give and focus the appropriate type of contact on each prospect.

Are you ready to apply for a Federal Grant?


Many organizations are successful in writing Grants for private and corporate Foundations but need some assistance with pursuing Federal opportunities.

Grant Writing 101


A more detailed training for Board Members who want to understand Grant Writing.

What does it mean to be a Board Member?



You’ve been asked to serve on a Board, now what? Learn what your role and responsibilities are and how you can best serve the Organization.

Additional training


LARaterman Associate's staff has more than 100 years of combined experience and are available to offer training on a variety of subjects.